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Hazard Identification: Two-Minute Drills

Improve Your Team’s Spill Response Skills in Two Minutes!

Quite often, the spilled chemical isn't the only hazard responders face. Taking time to fully evaluate the scenario before rushing in saves lives. This course helps to promote hazard awareness and identifies resources to help responders find additional safety information.

Our course is designed with bite-sized, 2-minute lessons that make learning a breeze. Plus, we're dedicated to keeping things fresh for you. Every month, we'll introduce new training videos, insightful lessons, and engaging quizzes to keep you at the top of your game. You'll have the flexibility to choose the lessons that matter most to you or complete the entire course to earn a certificate, showcasing your progress and active participation.

What you'll get:

Our Hazard Identification: 2-Minute Drills will cover a wide array of spill response topics including:

  • Stop! Is it Safe?
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Product Labels
  • NAERG overview
  • Toxicology Principles
  • EAPs
  • Exit Routes
  • Emergency or Incidental
  • NIOSH Guidebook
  • Truck and Railcar Identification
  • Four Types of Hazards

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